Customer Support

It’s exciting to open up your online business and start making sales. What a rush! However, the fun and excitement can really wear a fast. Just like any other retail business, and online shop requires time, dedication, and a lot of hard work. To help you avoid burnout, Modern eComm can help support the customer service and of your shop, course, or general business.

We offer the following support types:



Has your inbox gotten out of hand? Not only do we return customer emails, but we also work with you to create a custom knowledge base from frequently asked questions.

live chat

Live Chat

Want to quickly convert curious browsers into customers and real time? We provide live chat coverage for weekends, after hours, or regular business hours.

social media

Social Media

From Facebook to Twitter… blog comments to Instagram messages, we can answer customer inquiries from all of your company’s social media channels.



Though we don’t offer live call service, we understand that some people prefer phone calls. If you have an answering service that you needs monitoring, we can help!